School, preschool and education

In Sweden, children between the ages of one and five are entitled to attend preschool if their parents work or study, are on parental leave to care for another child, are unemployed or on sick leave, or have other needs due to some aspect of their family situation.

There are both private and municipal preschools in the municipality. If you want to apply for a place at a private preschool, then you will need to contact the preschool directly. You can find their contact details and information on the municipality’s website.
Children can attend preschool during the hours that their parents are working or studying, starting at age 1. Children of parents who are job seekers or on parental leave can attend preschool for up to three hours per day. If you do not work or study, your child can attend preschool free of charge starting at the age of three. Preschool attendance is free of charge, and preschools run from 1 September to 31 May, usually between the hours of 8:00 and 11:00 AM.

After submitting your application, you will be offered a spot at a preschool within four months.
If you accept the spot you are offered, you will need to send in documentation attesting to your household income. The documentation must include:
• payslip or employment contract, if you are working
• copy of decision from the Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN), if you are studying
• specification from the social insurance agency of any activity grant or parental allowance that you receive from them
• specification of any payments you receive from unemployment funds
• decision on introduction benefits
• certification of income support from social services, if you receive such support

If your income changes, you are obliged to report this change to the Education Office as soon as possible.

Preschool class
In Sweden, children begin the preschool class when they turn six. The preschool class is a year of education that prepares children for starting comprehensive school.

From autumn 2018 onwards, attending the preschool class will be compulsory.

Comprehensive school
It is compulsory for children aged 7-16 to attend comprehensive school. Children with parents who speak a language other than Swedish and who do not speak Swedish at home are entitled to education in their native language. Bollnäs has both private and municipal comprehensive schools. For information about your child’s schooling, you should contact Lars Ahlström.

Lars Ahlström
Director of Modersmålsenheten (native language department)
070-663 71 33

Before-and-after-school centre
The before-and-after-school centre is a programme that accompanies the preschool class and comprehensive school. This programme is offered up to and including the spring term of the year the child turns 10 or finishes year 3 of schooling. To be eligible for a place, the child’s guardian must be working or studying, or the student must have other needs due to his/her family situation.

From the autumn term of the year the child turns 10, the municipality offers open leisure time activities instead of the before-and-after-school centre.

Applying to a municipal preschool, preschool class, before-and-after-school centre, or higher levels of school
Applications are made online using the Skolplatsen platform. The application form is in Swedish and in order to log in to Skolplatsen you will need electronic identification/BankID. You can get assistance with your application from staff at the Education Office.

The Education Office
City Hall, Stadshustorget 2 in Bollnäs.
0278-256 80

Upper Secondary School
Young people aged between 15 and 18 can attend upper secondary school. Upper secondary school is voluntary, and the students can choose whether they want to study in a vocational programme or a programme that will prepare them for university. The marks that students achieve in comprehensive school will determine what course of study they are able to pursue. If the student is not eligible to attend upper secondary school due to the marks that he/she has received, there is an individual preparatory programme available. This includes a high-class international programme that is perfectly suited for students who have not been in Sweden long enough to have obtained full qualifications through year 9 of their schooling, but who may have obtained these qualifications in their country of origin. Physical education can be combined with other studies for students who want to focus on sport.

There are both municipal and independent upper secondary schools in the municipality.

Special needs Upper Secondary School
Special needs upper secondary school is voluntary, and aimed at children with learning disabilities or developmental disorders. National and individual programmes are offered here, and children are welcome from anywhere in the country. Both physical and mental health are prioritised. There is also an option of taking extra physical education classes. Several of the programmes also include job training opportunities.

Adults who have recently arrived in Sweden can attend classes in Swedish for Immigrants (SFI). You are entitled to attend Swedish for Immigrants if you are over 16 years of age, lack basic knowledge of Swedish, and your registered residence (in the Swedish Population Register) is in a Swedish municipality.
Contact a school guidance counsellor for more information, and to apply.

Pernilla Svensson

Municipal adult education (Komvux)
If you are an adult who needs to study one or more subjects at the level of comprehensive and/or upper secondary school, then municipal adult education is available as an option. In addition to single courses, you can also do longer courses of study, such as quality-certified upper secondary training in health care. You can speak with a school guidance counsellor to get help setting up an individual study plan.

You can attend university courses or go through entire study programmes via distance learning, without needing to move or commute. You can get help here with technology, locations, and more. Contact a school guidance counsellor for information on how to apply to university.