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Lending rules and charges

In order to borrow books and other media you need a library card. A library card is issued for free to anyone who can provide current photo identification.
By signing your library card you agree to follow the current circulation policies.
Your library card is a personal document.
You are responsible for any loans taken out on your card until the items have been returned and the loans deregistered. If you lose your card, call to cancel it immediately.

Entries about your current loans are registered in our local library computer system. This means that information under the Official Secrets Act is only accessible to the library staff, who are bound by professional secrecy in accordance with Chapter 9, §22 of the Swedish Secrecy Act.

Children aged six and over can have their own library cards. Children aged 15 and over can borrow rental films. Children up to 15 years old need to have a legal guardians signature.
The legal guardian is liable for what the child borrows.

The normal loan period is four weeks, but it varies for the different media. You can reserve an item and renew your loan online at the library website as well as in person.

If you return borrowed items too late, or damage or lose them, charges are payable according to a special price list. If you do not comply with the lending rules or have a debt to the library, you may lose your right to borrow.

If the total amount of the fines is SEK 100 or more, your library card will be blocked until you pay.

The library is not liable for any damage to the borrower´s technical equipment that may occur.

You need a PIN to use our Catalogue services online. With your PIN,
you can:
· Reserve items, renew loans and see what items you have at home.
· Download e-books and e-music, and see what reservations you have made.
· Stay up to date with e-mail on new media in various subjects from our news service.

Our Catalogue:

Library card (replacement card) 20 SEK

Late returns (from age 18):
Per item, per day 1 SEK
Video-game, per day 10 SEK

Lost or damaged items:
Adult´s book          300 SEK
Children´s book      200 SEK
Audiobook, adult      300 SEK
Audiobook, children    200 SEK
Music CD             200 SEK
Children´s CD      150 SEK
Magazine              50 SEK
Rental film        500 SEK
CD-ROM         500 SEK
Video-game        700 SEK
Language course      500 SEK
Daisy                150 SEK


If the value of an item is more than the standard price according to the above list, the higher value Is charged.
Damaged material do not go to the borrower.

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